The solution to your seat problem.

Your motorcycle seat will determine how far you will travel. 
If it's off-road or off the map, 30kms or 3000kms, you need a seat that works and looks good. 
Reshaping a seat goes a long way to getting the most out of your seat. 
Add gel, and you are almost unstoppable. 
Or maybe you just painted your ride, and it's time for the seat to get that custom look or a perfect OEM reproduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can change out the seating foam with a more supportive and comfortable foam. I would then create a new contour with the new supportive foam to maximize your comfort.
I use high-quality materials in the construction of our custom motorcycle seats, including durable upholstery fabrics, foam padding with varying densities, and sturdy base materials such as fiberglass or steel. I prioritize both comfort and longevity in the seat construction.
Absolutely! Motorcycles have been in my life full-time since I was ten years old. I know a lot about many bikes, and a Vintage recreation is always a challenge I'm up for. I'll perfect the seat and ensure it flawlessly matches the vintage style.
Gel can make a seat extra comfortable for those long rides. Gel is a petroleum product that has the touch of muscle tissue. It is very dense yet very supple, making it the Ultima interface between your butt and the supportive foam on the seat pan. Gel is an excellent option if you want your new seat to be extra comfortable.
The time it takes to create a custom motorcycle seat can vary depending on the complexity of the design and current workload. Depending on the seat, you can expect a 2-3 week turnaround. Please get in touch for a more accurate timeline.
I recover snowmobile seats with the same attention to detail as I do with motorcycle seats. I have many -50⁰ vinyl colours so that I can recreate your seat exactly. Check out more about custom snowmobile seats here.

Enjoy the wonders of a comfortable motorcycle seat.