I ride...

Guy Anthony

Two words,"I RIDE.
I care about how my seats work, how they are built, and how they look because I get it.

About Guy Anthony

Sewing started as a hobby. About 25 years ago I looked around and saw sewing everywhere. Clothing, upholstery, bags, covers, even structural. I felt an affinity to sewing and design. I come from a family of sewers going back generations. Maybe it's genetic.

After graduating from Sheridan College Faculty of Fashion Design and Technology in 1991 I became self-employed as Guy Anthony. I went off to sew my way through life. Sewing is a trade as well as an art form. I try to respect both notions. There is always a technical component and because almost all of my projects are "one of one", there is a creative component as well.

I spent my first ten years building custom leather garments as well as many unique projects. My pattern-making skills then landed me in movies and theatre, building garments, mainly leather for actors. In 2008, I built my shop, where I began applying all of my skills to build custom motorcycle and snowmobile seats.

My passion for design, sewing, symmetry, and motorcycles has transformed very well into Motorsport upholstery. I have a very strong eye for detail and quality; it comes from a life by design.